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Imagine, the Sky trailer
The universe of the blind unveils in a boarding school for sightless children in West Africa, through their intimate lives, and courtroom.
 Banalities like spoons become enormous.

A "documentary" film shot in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Everything was a first take. Nothing was planned or rehearsed.
Colour and black & white, 83 min.
Digibeta, DVCAM,  or DVD
Audio note*

written and directed by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky

camera, sound, editing and soundmix Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky

All compositions and musical arrangements by Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky
"Baker, baker..."
"Iconize the fool"
"All these fishes"

Film and music © Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky, Switzerland 2011

All rights reserved. Alteration prohibited.

The universe of the blind unveils in a boarding school for sightless children in West Africa, through their intimate lives, and courtroom. Banalities like spoons wax enormous and complex, because of corruption.

Imagine, the Sky's prismatic documentation primarily marvels at their strong spirit and character despite difficulties the privileged wouldn't endure.

The students tell evocative allegories: there's a creation myth spider, baboons which are real and present, but not quite, and the riddle of the mango. Plus songs from prepubescent mouths which shock and amaze.

Matilda surpasses the war and the recurring daily complications with zest and passion, but she's firmly grounded in reality. She shares some of her newfound riches with friends, counting out bills with her nearly dysfunctional eyes.  She’ll buy hamburger or chicken, perhaps more. She’s elated -- always positive.

Musu, stricken with malaria since a month, surfs its waves in her bed at school. She patiently asks for the medicine used in her province, which costs one euro, and some food. It's available just outside the school gate.

Can you imagine the moon? The question arises while reading Braille texts about the universe. New moon. Men on the moon. How do the blind imagine these things?

A handsome blind couple skillfully dictate and type, an important letter.

Much resurfaces in the penal but didactic court (where details may trump justice), in an interconnected barrage of cases, as the blind try the blind, and expose recent events and the underlying motives. It seems that everyone must have sent John to court. For how many days did he give his food away?! Was he eating with his hands or not? How could ants have gotten onto the bowl?

"...You bear too stubborn too strange, to hand over a friend that loves you," the judge tells a witness.  We see the table prefect accosted in court, and at the supper table too, and he's bitter.

Wyobraź sobie niebo
27th Warsaw Film Festival 7-16 October 2011
Discoveries - The World Today

International Human Rights Festival in Albania.
28 Sept. 2011

40th Rotterdam International Film Festival
31 Jan. 2011
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