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2012 - We have decided not to enter into any agreements with the new umbrella organization for this charity.

A Grain of Change made no money. A few high commission wire transfers were made via Western Union to help a family in Sierra Leone, whose house burned down, but the money came out of our pocket. We couldn't confirm how the money was used.

Of course we still would like to do what we can to help people in dire need, throughout the world, whether by financial or other means. To contact us, please follow the link on the films page, or here: Contact

3 Dec. 2010:  Congressional Distric Programs has raised its fee from 6 to 8 percent (we started at 3 percent). They will be under new management next year, under the name United Charitable Programs. We plan to review their proposal. For now, we ask that you do not contact this umbrella agency with donations for  A Grain of Change. 
The donation forms have been removed from this website for the time being. However, we do not view this as a priority, as there has been hardly any financial movement on this account since it was created, despite our worldwide exposure.

1 June 2008: Our umbrella agency, without previous notice, doubled its fees to six percent of the monies which pass through its accounts.

A Grain of Change is a charity which resulted from making films in troubled areas. We have made promises to try to help people.

The filmmaking part is better described at .

Legally, A Grain of Change is a program within a 501c registered public charity. CDP, which stands for Congressional District Programs has its headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. They serve as an "umbrella organization" for A Grain of Change.

Checks should be made payable to "A Grain of Change." Credit card charges will appear as "Congressional District Programs." The activities of CDP and the identities of their owners are very clearly laid out in their web sites. Although, we should add, we have nothing else to do with their organization. We have never even met anyone at CDP. For us, this is a simple way to receive charitable donations. Frankly, we would be just as happy if people would send money directly to the causes, especially if they are going there themselves.

Western Union charges huge fees, but what else to do? It's a crime how much money often goes into the wrong hands when well-intentioned people try to help the horribly neglected and abused innocent people in the world. Going directly to the source, and moving quickly with the help of trustworthy locals, perhaps is the best way to use money efficiently.  What is Africa? The firefighters arrive and start the hose, but it's full of holes. So how do you fix that problem? -- Enough said.  If you are intelligent, adventurous, have money, and want to help: Go.  Just get your malaria medicine and go there; avoid the charlatans, and help the right people. Just by walking around and giving away bags of rice, you could save people from starving and prevent some disease. We would much prefer that you do that than give us money before we go back. Right now much of what you send would be eaten by CDP and Western Union, or it would sit in the bank and wait.

We apologize that our websites are not fully functional for the blind.

If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please write to us.

The best way to reach us is by email. If you would like an address and phone number, we would be happy to provide it my email. However, sometimes when we are traveling the only way to reach us is by email. The email address is

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