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Milton Margai School for the Blind

Freetown, Sierra Leone

School building
Headmaster Sam Campbell

Many of the children were blinded  by measles. Many others by Onkosarksis, which is caused by the the Kriegel fly, found along rivers ("river blindness").

Headmaster Sam Campbell, MBE

Mussu has had malaria for a month.

She is waiting for treatment.

"Behind this door is where we are treated." (The room is nearly empty.)

Matilda loves hamburgers. She shows us the way to the library.

The staff bathroom is next to the treatment room.

The library.

New books open new worlds. They need new brail books

Makany is born blind and reads a text about the moon.

Miatsu wants to become a journalist.

The blind school strives to be self sufficient. Above we see them recycling brail paper. Mr. Sandy shows were they would like to have a music recording room (center and right), which would be used by the school and rented. Their choir has performed in the U.K. at Westminster Abbey.

Some needs
- Medical facility.
- Eye treatment facility.
- New brail books and writing frames.
-Tape recorders, cassettes, and typewriters.
-Plumbing improvements
-The music recording studio.
-More variety in the diet. They have only rice nearly every day.
-The choir loves to be invited. They crave interaction with others.