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National School for the Deaf

Freetown, Sierra Leone

When the rebels arrived in Freetown, these deaf children could hear the gun fire.

Conditions in the deaf school

The school for the deaf is missing many basics. The school urgently needs funding.

-During the rainy season, there is flooding. Some classrooms are below ground level.
-The classrooms are too dark. The sanitary needs work.
-The children need a place to stay overnight. Since they don't hear or speak, it's dangerous for them to walk in the city traffic.
-Twenty to 30 beds, a kitchen, a shower, and living rooms would make their lives easier.
-The teachers lack a lounge and a kitchen where they could cook lunch.
-Most teachers get very little pay.
-Some classrooms are narrow, have very little daylight, and  lack electricity.
-Since the classrooms are not separated  by walls and doors, it's incredibly noisy during lessons. This is stressful for hearing teachers.
-There is only one toilet for the whole school. (Roughly 150 children.)
- A budget for school materials is very much needed. As well as for chairs and benches.