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God No Say So finds the uplifting spirit in those who suffered horrible war in Sierra Leone. From the hard working Bonka people, through the prostitute Julietta, and the wild, hilarious, organized antics of the school children, we are treated to a spirit of togetherness, optimism, and sheer joy.
SEIH MANSARAY: “The hand you have voted with for the civilian government, you will never vote with again.” He said, “We are the ones who have no mercy on this. For women, we will cut the left hand. For men, the right hand.” They started with the smallest child. Her name is Damba Koroma. The girl was six years of age. Then they cut her hand. Cut the hand. The left hand on the first cut. Then they cut off her mother's hand. Then they cut the hand of Mamisera. And Fina Dabo, and Sera Sesay. They cut them all the left hand. Then they came to us. ...

God said, you should have a strong faith.
If you believe that I made you,
and that man, rebel,
that the same God, the one...
When we talk about religion,
no matter if we are Christian or Moslem...
who gives me the light, who gives me
the chance to walk around in this world.
He is the one who can pull me out,
and take me to the next world.
So anything that happens to you,
you believe was caused by the Almighty God.
If you believe that one day will be the Judgement Day...

SAHR M. TARAWALLIE: Let me say this. God was in His own position, because He cannot change, right? They took it to themselves to be satanic, to do what they feel like doing. God was not responsible for that. They were responsible, they themselves.


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